Born in 1986, Alexey graduated from the National Technical University in his native town of Poltava (Ukraine) and earned a degree as Master of Visual and Decorative and Applied Arts with honors.

He has since created a series of CG artwork for the Fantasy field and a large volume of 3D models for television and 3D printing studios - having worked with customers all around the world. In 2012, he started research and work in the scientific visualization field. The same year, he won an international competition with his Human Immunodeficiency Virus artwork, and in 2013 became a member of the Association of Medical Illustrators (USA) and was offered a job in America.

Alexey is the recipient of numerous major awards in the field of 3D graphics, including two CGSociety 3D Awards and ZBrush Image of the Year Award. He has been published in more than 30 international printed magazines and books such as: WIRED Magazine, Popular Mechanics, Exotique, Digital Art Masters, etc. Had over 25 personal and group exhibitions around the world.

In 2017, together with business partner Mike Moran, started Medical Animation company – Newt Studios, where he is working now on a position of Creative Director and Co-Founder. 

Aside from this, Alexey is the founder of ARQUTE, LLC - Ukrainian company that gathered under one roof the following projects: 
- - for 7 years was the leading website for Russian-spoken artists, with more than 9000 daily visitors. 
Working as ARTTalk administrator Alexey took some notable interviews with concept artists of "AVATAR" movie, "PROMETHEUS" movie, etc.
During this time, among other things, officially presented the team of Russian-spoken artists on all internationally recognized CG contests such as "Dominance War" and took a lot of prize places.
- In 2010 Alexey's team started work on printed Artbook "ARQUTE" and it was successfully published in 2012 in number of 2000 books which became a very high quality polygraphic product.
- In the same year was launched a beta version of the new website ARQUTE.COM - an international gallery, unlike, which was oriented on Russian-spoken community only.
- In 2014, due to certain circumstances, Alexey made a painful decision to close ARQUTE projects and sell the company. And in 2015 ARQUTE, LLC was sold to Celistic, LLC including all internal projects and registered trademarks.
Outside of the digital world, Alexey is a strong believer in living a healthy lifestyle - one which would allow him to live life to its fullest. He says, "…perhaps one day, I will decide to go diving along the coral reefs or explore thousand year-old caves at the ends of the Earth." But for now, he's happy to show the world where his imagination takes him through his art. 
Quoted from interview for Autodesk.
Ballistic Publishing. Master Award (Australia / 2017)
Image of the Year (Hollywood, USA / 2016)
Six Aurora Awards as a part of Radius Digital team (USA / 2015)
Four Telly Awards as a part of Radius Digital team (USA / 2015)
3DTotal Excellence Award - 7 times (2008 - 2015)
ZBrushCentral Top Row - 7 times (2008 - 2015)
Member of the Association of Medical Illustrators (USA / 2013)
1 st place on CGSociety Challenge with artwork Human Immunodeficiency Virus (2013)
1 st place in the competition by CELISTIC, LLC with artwork Golconda Uranium (2012) - Daily Deviation: 1 (2011)
CGSociety Award: (2009, 2010)
2 nd place in the international competition 3D Girl (2009)
Iguana to Dragon - Interview for Maxon (eng / 2024)
Presentation at ZBrush Summit Conference (eng / 2019)
Interview/Article for OpenBIO. (rus / 2018)
The Urban Lens. Interview for 6sqft (eng / 2017)
Interview for V-Ray ChaosGroup (eng / 2016)
Interview for (eng / 2016)
Designideas Interview by Dannica Gregorio (photography / eng / 2015)
Interview for Nova's Deep Trip (rus / 2015)
Live interview for CGIC (2hrs / rus / 2015)
America's Aids Magazine by Angela Leroux-Lindsey (eng / 2013)
10 contemporary 3D Artists by Max Perchun (rus / 2012)
Autodesk Behind the Screens by Fianna Wong (eng / 2010)
Visual Arts Illustrated (eng / 2010)
CGW magazine (China / 2010)
Magic-CG magazine (rus / 2009)
The Art of ZBrush (USA, Hollywood / 2019)
Association of Medical Illustrators Salon (Austin, Texas, USA / 2017)
Art Mora Salon Art Pt2 (USA, New Jersey / 2017)
Art Mora Salon Art Pt1 (USA, New York / 2016)
The Art of ZBrush II (USA, Hollywood / 2016)
OpenBio 2016 Exhibition (Russia, Novosibirsk / 2016)
Association of Medical Illustrators Salon (Atlanta, Georgia, USA / 2016)
A tribute to Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell exhibition “Warriors and Amazons” (Chicago, USA / 2016)
Artworks used during the Immunomedia presentation (Bogotá, Colombia / 2015)
OpenBio 2015 Exhibition (Russia, Novosibirsk / 2015)
Artworks showed on ZBrushSummit (USA, Hollywood / 2015)
Medical artworks used during the WakeMed Trauma Conference (USA, North Carolina / 2015)
My Lady Liberty on Broadway's show (USA, New York / 2015)
Sociology of Health Lecture (Italy, Parma / 2014)
3D Artwork "HIV" on New York MetroCard (USA, New York / 2014)
OpenBio Exhibition (Russia, Novosibirsk / 2014)
IT Festival (Ukraine / Kirovograd / 2014)
ACSB (American Society for Cell Biology) Exhibition (USA/New Orleans / 2013). Artwork sold from auction.
Exhibition at Art Park Festival (Russia, Moscow / 2012)
Artwork used in design of "Think Tank Training Centre" (Vancouver, Canada)
Exhibition in MGIMO (Russia, St. Petersburg / 2010)
Exhibition in Metropole Hotel (Russia, St. Petersburg / 2010)
International Design Forum (Ukraine, Kharkov / 2009)
"Digital Beauty" (Germany, Leipzig / 2008)
WIRED Magazine - Cover. (Italy / 2021)
Fag&Forskning Magazine
, cover (Denmark / 2019)
HIV Artwork on the cover of the Book (London / 2019)
Connexi Magazine, cover. (Germany / 2018)
Bioveta Magazine (Poland / 2017)
Connexi Magazine, cover. (Germany / 2017)
3D Artist magazine. Issue 111 (UK / 2017)
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AMI newsletter (Association of Medical Illustrators) (USA / 2013)
Ballistic Publishing's EXPOSE 11 Book (Australia / 2013)
3D World Magazine (USA / 2013)
A&U Magazine (USA / 2013)
ARQUTE Digital 1 (Ukraine / 2012)
Secrets of Zbrush Experts Book (USA / 2011)
Interview for CGW magazine (China / 2011)
Ballistic Publishing's EXOTIQUE 5 Book (Australia / 2009)
Digital Art Masters 4 Book (England / 2009)
Cartoon Brew Magazine - Artist of the Day (2016)
Medical Illustrations are featured in the Juxtapoz Magazine (2016)
HIV and Ebola Virus artworks Making of for 3Dartist Magazine (2016)
Artwork Human Cadaver Featured on the Street Anatomy media (2015)
Artworks highlighted in the educational video about the HIV (2015)
Featured on Print All Over Me as “Print of the Week” (2015)
Artwork highlighted on V-Ray official website (2014)
SciArt in America Magazine (2014)
HIV on the FrontPage of Pixologic (2013)
3DCreative magazine (Dec'08, May'09, Dec'09)
As a co-founder of Newt Studios medical animation - it's my main goal to make our clients happy with the new ways of science storytelling and leading-edge quality of work.
Our team of 3D animators, trained medical illustrators, and science communicators will be happy to tell your story the most interesting and unique way - from traditional 2D animation to hi-end VR experience.
Let's explore the new and exciting inner worlds together! 
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