Shout-out to everyone whom I was able to meet there! Thank you guys for the great time! Hope to see you soon :))
Photo credit: Carolina Hrejsa
Our artwork at the exhibition.
It’s another crazy story to the diary. I brought the artwork to UPS as early as 2 weeks before the exhibition, but even tho, UPS find a way to screw up the delivery… So we had to make the same day print and delivery at one of Austin companies to be able to submit artwork for the exhibition.
Big thank you to Mike for taking care of that!

Some friends that we met over there in Austin
And some Bats… really? Some?
Beautiful evening with friends at very american restaurant. When I was watching movies about USA, that’ exactly how it was showed there. You know, all those red and blue gas tubes and neon lights…
Photo credit: Mike Moran
Lucky owner of the HCV Artwork that he bought from AMI Salon Auction 🙂
ShoutOut to Joe Olmsted, talented medical illustrator.
And my favorite spot to enjoy breakfast at AT&T Hotel


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