To see Rick Baker with own eyes, to listen amazing anatomy lecture from Scott Eaton, to watch the ZBrush “making of” techniques of Terminator and Godzilla characters… and it’s only a small part of the “ZBrush Summit” happening. It was just amazing. Thank you Pixologic! Definitely will come to see everyone again next year!

Alright, here are some photos from the place (See the full photo report in my Facebook ZBrushSummit album).

Hollywood Gnomon School.
I was really surprised and excited to see my artworks among others on the big monitor in the gallery hall…made my day! 🙂
Yeah, It started! Is he… real? I mean Alive and here? OMG. Rick Baker!
Louie Tucci and Paul Gaboury making some fire :)
Neville Page & Glenn Hetrick’s Helmet for movies breakdown. From ZBrush to Neville’s head.
Evening of the first day. Some shopping and Gnomon Gallery & Classes visit. Was really happy to meet my old buddies and got some new friends there!
Day Two. Ian Joyner
MPC Studio making my jaw drop down with Godzilla ant Terminator breakdowns.
Couple of beauty renders of Paul Gaboury
Day Three. Marco-Yolo Plouffe and Cedric Seaut.
Lecture from Scott Eaton. Believe me, it cost a lot to listen this man. He feel the anatomy with his spine.
Amazing sculptures from Kotobukiya
And some more photos of Gnomon School itself
Ok, time to go home… See ya next year, ZBrushSummit!


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