After 5 years working in the US, I’m very excited to announce that my business partner Mike Moran and myself are starting a Medical Animation company – Newt Studios!
Check out our site at
And as a Hello gift from the nascent Newt please enjoy the Virtual Reality video of my latest artwork “Hepatitis C Virus”!
You know, the most frequent request from people I heard about my Virus artworks were – Eh, wish I could see all this in VR…
If you have a chance to watch current vid using any VR gear such as Google cardboard or Samsung gear, with headphones on – please do so! The impression will be much better then just viewing in browser.
Or you can catch us at the #AMI2017 Conference this year in person 🙂 We will bring a VR demo as well as a printed artwork that will be presented in the AMI Salon.
Wish us luck! We are excited for the journey ahead!


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