And the glowing Christmas Charmander variant, that powers from USB cable (not for sale):
Behind the scenes story.
And as a first experimental subject I choose Charmander from Pokemon original series…
First and main – it’s a dragon, which I’m in love with. Just all of them, so… why shouldn’t I?
Second – it’s pretty simple shape that can work well, as a first try.
Third – It looks so cute ))))

I started from the original game model and some reference photos 🙂
And I ended up with something like this for the final model.
But before submitting the model to the printing company I decide to make a test run on our studio printer. It looked like this.
I have a friend at work, who is a walking sparkle man. His desk glows with a hundred of lights all the day and night long 🙂 Not a big surprise, when he saw the printed model he propose to install the lights in it.
No sooner said than done. But for this goal we need to print a bit bigger model.

Installation of the lights took a while. The figure was empty inside but the hole was so small and there were the support structures that will not forgive the mistake. We had only one chance to put the light inside through the mouse and pull the opposite side of wire on the back. Only one chance, but we did it! YESss!
Till we were working on the glowing Charmander I submitted the model to 3D printing website There were a couple of re-do things, like the tips of fingers were too thin for printing in steel, so I had to make small model fixes but finally they approved it. Production process was reeeeally long. It took 17 days for them to finish it.
Also another disappointment was to open the box and see that the figure is completely rough, unpolished while it should be glossy and shiny.
It took me a hour to sand it to achieve some nice looking point. Steel appeared to be pretty sturdy material for sanding.

As an excuse from Shapeways team, they promised to re-print and polish the new model for me for free. It’s very nice of them, but… Everything takes SO long there! Already a month since my first complain email was sent to them. Still waiting fixed and polished variant. Still waiting…
So if you guys can recommend some other places with the same great quality but more agile – I will be really thankful.
That’s it for now, thank you for checking this out and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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