Using this opportunity I would like to invite everyone to the “Tribute to Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell” exhibition that will take part this spring in Chicago.

Hard to find the right words to express how much this happening means to me. Looking back in my memories I see the young boy in the beginning of his artistic way which started from nothing else than artbook of Boris Vallejo…

Honor for me. So excited!

When: The opening date is March 19th, 2016. The show will last for 1,5 months.
Where: Gallery Provocateur – 1621 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
Opening Cocktail Reception: Saturday, March 19th, 2016 8pm~11:30pm

I will be on place for the opening day and if you have a chance to be there too – feel free to catch me :)
Ok, back to exhibition preparation. Some details about the printing and framing process that I went through.

– Prints were done in
Can not say anything bad about color quality, ecpesially if compare with others where I had to do a tones of reprints until will get the color that I need.
Plus they print from RGB but not from CMYK which gives much better quality. The only negative moment that I mentioned is very unstable printing ink. It can be damaged just with a bit wet finger. That’s why I decide to cover the prints vith special varnish.

– Varnish that I used: Breathing Color Timeless Print Varnish, Gloss Finish. Yes, it’s pretty expensive but gives a great “glassy” result while completely dry. Very happy with it!
The only problem that I meet, the print is very sensitive to touches during the covering. I messed up first canvas when start covering with brush and then second canvas when tried to do the same with roller. The damage effect was much less from roller, but still… That’s why I had to by the sprayer.

– The sprayer that I used: Wagner 0518080
Really happy with this one. Pretty cheap solution that nicely doing it’s job.

– Frames were done in three different places.
The only website with nice and quality oval frames that I found is a Canadian company Victorianframe. Yes, it’s really expensive, but definitely worth it.
Second website is more for cheap and light solutions but I founded there pretty nice frames that fit some artworks better then others. Check out Frames by Mail.
Third place – for really good quality of frames and nice and shiny people who working there – Fastframe in 33 Watchung Plaza, Upper Montclair, NJ 07042. A bit pricey but I’m happy with the variety and quality of frames. Plus the owner and her assistants are very welcome and helpful.


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