Finally one day I realize that I can not see the mirror any more! I just can not take that!
If the push-ups and pull-ups are the only things that are relatively safe for my spine (if I will do them under certain angle) and they will not knock me out of life for months – I will do them crazy as hell.
I will be the one who do this exercises with the same passion as it would be a weight set!
And I started. It was a painful process. One wrong move puts me in bed with the rapidly deteriorating for months easy as pie. Especially first 4-6 months I was kinda Blade Runner. Every move was controlled as I’m dealing with a bomb.
The fun side of this is when your boss at work comes to you and asks “- Who is sleeping here?” Pointing a blanket on the floor 🙂
That’s how I rested at full-time job when excessive pain started to interfere with work.
And miracle! With months and months of attentive and regular exercises back pain start slowly but constantly leave my body!
Here is me after one year of pushups and pullups only. Of course I can not call myself healthy but at least now I can help my wife carry some not very heavy bags from store, and it’s already a big win!


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