ust came back from Philadelphia EyeforPharma Awards.
Unfortunately our team did not get the first prize, but we were very close to that.  Competitor was really strong.
Our project is the interactive app that helps patients to learn more about their liver disease, and what is happening there before, during and after treatment.
My part of the work was about creating the 3D models of all kinds of human livers. I did more than 100 different models, and now I got skill of modeling liver even with my eyes closed 🙂
Project on Behance.
By the way, even through the rainy weather I paid an attention to Philadelphia beauty. Very interesting and inspiring city with unusual for America architecture, sculptures and of course legendary Rocky Balboa Steeps!
It’s hard to believe but this sculpture is located… in the way to the train station restroom 🙂
Philadelphia 30th Street Station is pure piece of art by itself.


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