Molluscum contagiosum Virus
3D Production: Newt Studios
Medical and Creative Collaboration: One World Design and Manufacturing Group
Client: Verrica Pharmaceuticals

Mechanism of disease (MOD) animation created to describe molluscum contagiosum – an infection caused by a poxvirus resulting in umbilicated papules on the surface of the skin.
Molluscum is a common, benign, yet highly contagious skin disease that affects an estimated six million people in the United States, primarily children.

The Newt Studios team animated the poxvirus invading their target – basal epithelial cells, which then proliferate rapidly in the process of hyperplasia. Viral-inclusion bodies assemble and grow inside the basal cells as the virus replicates over time.

Scroll down to view our 3D modeling process and animation development.

Many thank yous to the incredible One World team for their partnership in script-writing, storyboarding, and medical direction. Our collaboration elevated the science story for the client’s healthcare professional audience.

ZBrush 3D Modeling
Skin Texturing
Surface Papules and Lesion Texturing

Storyboard Animatic depicting the Histopathology

As the molluscum bodies enlarge and keratinize, the cells organize into follicles and lobes, develop a central indentation, and ultimately form into distinctive raised lesions. 
Scratching or touching the papules can spread the viral infection to the surrounding skin.

Virus Morphology and Basal Cell Division – 3D Development
2D Graphics Development
3D Style Development


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