Just received my order from MOO.COM
If everyone in the world did their job with such attention to detail and passion as MOO, I believe many things would change for the better in this world.
A big problem in this day is unprofessionalism. Unprofessionalism and indifference.
Excuse me, why did you bring me a sweet tea before the main dish? May be you will start think on your working place?
Why did you tell me that my website would be ready in two days and it’s not ready a month later?
A couple of weeks ago I had an unpleasant conversation with UberPrints. Not only did they print the front side of my t-shirt lower than it was in the design… Hah! They forgot to print the back altogether! Can you believe it? They were unprofessional and indifferent.
Now, this would be a long story if I told you about all of the times I had a similar experience. The point is this is happening everywhere… from the food industry to art and technology. Especially it’s dangerous in medicine. I hate it. I think we need to fight why this happening, and we need to start with ourselves.
Anyway, thank you MOO – you did really awesome job! I’m impressed. Your product’s quality is outstanding and how it came delivered to me… it really gave me a sense of your character, professionalism, and dedication. Thank you for that!


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