Dermal Filler Treatment – Illumination 360°
Client: Mabrie Facial Institute
Dr. David Mabrie – Facial Plastic Surgeon

The Newt Studios team collaborated with Dr. Mabrie's team to animate their unique two-step dermal filler treatment solution for correcting volume deficits that cause dark circles under the eyes.

We visualized the treatment process in 2D and 3D views to generate instructive assets that the office could utilize across their patient education initiatives.

The animation conveys two primary concepts:
1. Dermal fillers eliminate shadows by correcting loss of volume in the mid-face and tear trough area.
2. Full correction is achieved in two steps – foundation and refinement. After the foundation filler has settled and swelling subsides, the refinement treatment adds filler layers to reach the final goal of correction.
Our highly realistic 3D sculpting and lighting techniques reveal the uneven surfaces on the face and capture the changes in volume with precision.

The 2D illustrative sequences depict how the filler's targeted placement within the tissue layers of the mid-face achieves optimal restoration.
ZBrush Modeling – 3 Stages of Treatment – Before, Foundation, and Refinement
Texturing and base hair setup
Hair development in Maya
2D Animated elements – Microcannula injecting filler and swelling in the tear trough.
Lighting and Style Development


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