We created this MOA animation to demonstrate Mayne Pharma's innovative SUBA™ technology in TOLSURA's formulation.

SUBA™ technology enhances the solubility and absorption of poorly soluble drugs like conventional itraconazole. The Newt Studios team animated the novel SUBA™ process that produces nano-size, amorphous drug particles dispersed in a polymer matrix, instead of the conventional crystalline form.

TOLSURA is an orally administered broad-spectrum anti-fungal agent that contains the active ingredient itraconazole and has proven efficacy in the treatment of endemic and systemic mycoses.

3D Production: Newt Studios
Agency: Dagr Nott & Associates
Client: Mayne Pharma
Intestinal Villi – 3D Modeling and Scene Setup

The large surface area of the small intestine and nano-size particles of the SUBA-itraconazole formulation improve bioavailability and reduce variability in plasma levels within a patient.
Figure and Gastrointestinal Tract – 3D Modeling and Style Development
Microscopic SUBA Particles and Conventional Crystals – Style Development
TOLSURA Bottle and Capsules – 3D Modeling and Scene Setup
SUBA Spray-drying Technology – 2D Animated Elements
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