Theradaptive — Advanced Protein Engineering
Newt Studios animated Theradaptive's protein engineering technology — a breakthrough application for regenerative medicine.

The MOA animation demonstrates Theradaptive's innovative computational platform converting recombinant proteins into material-binding variants.

The enhanced biologics bind to porous medical implants – enabling precise, localized delivery of therapeutics to repair and regenerate tissue in clinical applications like spinal fusion.

3D Production, Script and StoryboardNewt Studios
Agency: Dagr Nott & Associates
Client: Theradaptive

3D Style Development – Spinal Fusion
Interbody Implant and Bone Filler
3D Style Development – Recombinant Proteins
3D Style Development – Biologics Coating a Medical Implant
3D Modeling – Lumbar Vertebrae for Spinal Fusion


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