Indelible impression left the picture when we just entered the city, our taxi cab went on the Star Alley (main street), and right there, outside one of the large windows of the ground floor, was sitting young black guy who was shaving his underarms! Omg, what? Hollywood? Walk of Fame? No, he did not hear about that. It’s all his personal bathroom 🙂
This case itself completely characterizes the whole city. Many homeless people. Much more than in NY. They even live and sleep in their cars right on the sides of roads near the walls of numerous Hollywood studios.
The smell of Indian grass heard clearly in the evening, while you are walking on streets. Homeless people trying to talk to everyone passing them, etc. Also constant hot temperature appear to be really killing for me, because I like colder climate much more. But this has the opposite side – girls are undressed much nicer than wherever else 🙂 And people with their habits look more like I got used to see back at home, in Ukraine. May be that’s why I felt some unity with this city from the very beginning.
All this negative stuff actually doesn’t bother me a lot because Hollywood still has the MAIN. The smell of creativity, achievements and huuuge artistic opportunities. That’s absolutely true. You can feel this sense of something significant just surrounding you in the air. Huge studios that are located throughout maintain support this feeling. It’s hard to convey these but it definitely exists.
So yes, unlike my wife who start hate this place just at once, because can not take all this mess, strange people and dirt, I DO like Hollywood. I felt it’s special nature from the first look. I don’t know why, but I liked it much more than New York. Of course it’s different places that can not be compared. But if you’ll ask me personally if I would like to live in NY, I would chose some wild place in nature instead. But if talk about Hollywood, I’m definitely would like to live there.
And the last. Never use the Ginosi Apartments. Never! My worst hotel experience.
I want to say a separate word about the cacti and succulent plants. This guys are absolutely gorgeous in Hollywood. I think the climate is perfect for them there and they grow up much larger and stronger than I’ve seen elsewhere. Our home succulents and cacti looks just like pathetic parody on this giants.
Sculptures of Predator and Terminator... and a car. No, a Car!
And of course - Hollywood Sign! :)


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