by Kashpersky, June 23, 2013

NEW YORK at night … stuns, breaks templates, absorbs.
I have been fortunate, that I saw this awesomeness for the first time at night, close to 1:00Am. The City is in the special mood this time of the night, and there is no words that can describe the feeling of the world that I had. Even the air is shining around you with lightly blue color…

It’s a big difference when you had to get to the City by train. First you see the suburbs then you see the stations then metro and only after this you see the City. And it’s disguises the picture a bit. I was lucky enough to to avoid this because I was driven to the City by car and the only I had to do is just open the door.

Ok, check my photo report of that night. Deliberately have not sorted through photos very tightly to convey the atmosphere.

New York

New York

New York

New York



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