Interview for Designideas (Photography)

by Kashpersky, October 11, 2015

Pretty short but still… my first interview as a Photographer 🙂

My belief that ART can not be separated on 3D, 2D, Photo, Illustration, Traditional, etc., but artist, as a single artistic individual, MUST include everything inside, comes true!
You can not be professional at 3D sculpture and know nothing about traditional sculpting and have not be able to do anything from real clay or draw oil picture on acceptable level. If you do so, saying I am drawing only digital illustrations and that’s it – you are just an illusionist but not an Artist from capital “A”. That’s my point of view.

Here is the link to the original page with the interview by Dannica Gregorio.

Interview kashpersky

It was one of my first visits to New York and I was literally shocked how beautiful and unusual was the mood of the city under the fog. I have never seen anything like that before, so that inspired me to create this series of photos. My inspiration for my work is always the nature that surrounds me. My main work is 3D micro visualization so I am taking a lot from underwater, micro-world and everything that surrounds me. No artist will be so perfect in his creations like nature.

Fog on New York

How would you describe your style and who are your inspirations? 🙂
Hm, It’s said, I am 3D artist in the field of medicine and microbiology. By education, I am an artist-sculptor. My favorite photographers are Helmut Newton and Szymon Brodziak, my favorite inspirational artists are Boris Vallejo and Ivan Shishkin.

Fog on New York

What advice can you give to your fellow artist / aspiring artist?
Good question. Wish you guys to have a goal and make everything possible to make it happen.

Fog on New York

What’s your most favorite thing about New York?
When I was a child, on another side of planet, I dream to visit New York someday. Now I am here, and I can “touch it” anytime I want. I think that’s my favorite thing. It comes from my childhood dreams.

Check out the full Foggy New York project here.



Hello dear visitor!
My name is Alexey, I'm Ukrainian Artist. I live and work in USA on involvement 3D Art in the field of medicine and microbiology, creating illustrations and fantasy style artworks.
Welcome and enjoy my blog :)

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