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Hello America!

by Kashpersky, June 11, 2013

This Monday I left Ukraine for first time in my life, and moved to the USA (New Jersey, Montclair), to work in the Thomas Direct Studio. Company that creates modern medical illustration.

I’m so happy and excited about this event. You can’t really understand this feeling without being in the situation. I was very pleased to meet, personally this time, the whole team. From our remote communications, I know that they are all very positive and creative individuals, and I know that together we are going to continue to create some fresh and outstanding art that can help people!

Thomas Direct Studios

Thomas Direct Studios

Thomas Direct Studios

Thomas Direct Studios



Hello dear visitor!
My name is Alexey, I'm Ukrainian Artist. I live and work in USA on involvement 3D Art in the field of medicine and microbiology, creating illustrations and fantasy style artworks.
Welcome and enjoy my blog :)

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