Artworks of Frank Frazetta

Frazetta Sketchbook

What an amazing Christmas gift from Mike Moran! And I’m very happy that it’s not just a regular artbook with finished works but a sketchbook so I have a rear ability to learn artists technique. It’s kind of “behind the scenes” and a chance to see what usually is hidden. … Continue reading

Alyssa model

New Photosets. Denisa & Alyssa

It was a while since my last photoset, so here are two most recent ones. First with Alexa Lamb, modeling name – Alyssa. A contemporary dancer with a ballet background which put its mark on the sporty and dry body of the model. See the full set here. Second – … Continue reading

Alexey Kashpersky Ebola

WIRED magazine publication

It is that case when I’m very proud to be part of the magazine. Want to say words of gratitude to people who invited me to join the issue and the whole team of the magazine. You did a great job! WIRED Magazine