Aurora Awards 2015

Our Radius Digital Team won Six Aurora Awards in December 2015. More about Aurora Awards here. Pleasure to be the part of this professional team. Some links on my part of the work from Awarded projects: – Human Embryo, week 4. Link on Behance. – Different models. Behance link. – … Continue reading

“Warriors and Amazons” Exhibition

Hi guys, I want to show you some photo and video materials from the tribute to Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell exhibition “Warriors and Amazons” that took part in Chicago, USA 2016, at Gallery Provocateur. It was my first show in USA and I got a great experience, meet interesting … Continue reading

Ebola & HIV Virus 3D Making of

Hello dear fellow artists! I am receiving many questions on behalf of my artworks Ebola Virus and HIV Virus along with requests to create the tutorial. Frankly speaking I hate writing things like that 🙂 But as a small thank you for your interest and attention I did a walk through the process of creation. … Continue reading