Alexey Kashpersky

3D Artist Magazine

Really surprised that my artwork “Atlantis Herald“, that I did in far 2010, is still actual in 2015 and was asked to be published in the 84 issue of 3D Artist Magazine 🙂 Philippa, Thanks for the invite to the issue! 🙂

Telly Awards 2015

Happy to announce that our RADIUS team won four Telly Awards in 2015. Proud to be part of this group of professionals. Here are the links on my part of the work from Awarded projects: Blood clotting – Project linkA blood  clotting still. Animation won an Award of Excellence under the “Animation: Advertising and Marketing/Promotional” category. … Continue reading

Interview for Designideas (Photography)

Pretty short but still… my first interview as a Photographer 🙂 My belief that ART can not be separated on 3D, 2D, Photo, Illustration, Traditional, etc., but artist, as a single artistic individual, MUST include everything inside, comes true! You can not be professional at 3D sculpture and know nothing … Continue reading

OpenBIO 2015

Like it was a year ago OpenBio invited me to take part in this year conference exhibition.  Here are some first photos from the hall.

Santa Monica

Photoreport from my trip to the City of Santa Monica. Very beautiful city in California near the Pacific Ocean. Very tidy and clean streets with beautiful and unusual plants there made me walk and walk and walk… During the day and at night. The only disappointing thing is cleanliness of … Continue reading