Hollywood sign

Hollywood, LA

You can also check out the Hollywood Star Alley walk in a separate article. The first feeling from Hollywood was… hm, how to say. Different from what I expected to see. Different from what we are get used to see in movies and on TV. Not worst, not better, just different. … Continue reading

Welcome to Universal Studios

Don’t miss my photo impressions from: – Paramount Pictures. – Warner Brothers Studio. As far as I did not have a lot of free time in Hollywood, Universal Studios was the last place in my “had to visit” plan. The last but not the least 🙂 And it was really … Continue reading

Inside the Paramount Pictures

Don’t forget to check out more photo impressions from: – Universal Studios; – Warner Brothers Studio. You are in Hollywood, where will you go first of all? Agree, to the “Hollywood Walk of Fame”. But my hotel was right on the Hollywood Blvd, so I was already there. Next place … Continue reading

ZBrush Summit 2015 @ Gnomon

It was a great pleasure for me to visit the ZBrush Summit 2015 that was held at Gnomon School, Hollywood and had a honor to breathe the same air with the industry’s TOP people. To see Rick Baker with own eyes, to listen amazing anatomy lecture from Scott Eaton, to watch the … Continue reading

design studio

Warner Brothers Treasury

Stay tuned for more photo impressions from: – Universal Studios; – Paramount Pictures. Here is my photoreport from Warner Brothers Studio Tour that I did visiting Hollywood this year. Amazing place of interest with amazing exhibits. The most reach and interesting from all studios that I had a chance to … Continue reading

arnold schwarzenegger

Journey through the Walk of Fame

Another dream came true… Hollywood Star Alley! ★ Sylvester Stallone ★ This is one of the SADDEST stories ever told in Hollywood. His name is Sylvester Stallone. One of the BIGGEST and Most famous American Movie superstars. Back in the day, Stallone was a struggling actor in every definition. At … Continue reading