NEW YORK at night … stuns, breaks templates, absorbs. I have been fortunate, that I saw this awesomeness for the first time at night, close to 1:00Am. The City is in the special mood this time of the night, and there is no words that can describe the feeling of the … Continue reading


Montclair. First impression

And what do you think was my first impression about the city that I will live in, besides that it’s awesome? The streets are so wide and the trees are so huge and monumental! And the air is heavy. Probably because ocean is so close. Very green and friendly city. Everything is friendly … Continue reading

New Jersey

Hello America!

This Monday I left Ukraine for first time in my life, and moved to the USA (New Jersey, Montclair), to work in the Thomas Direct Studio. Company that creates modern medical illustration. I’m so happy and excited about this event. You can’t really understand this feeling without being in the … Continue reading

Travel across the Atlantic to USA

The Big flight

Here are some photos (100 shots O_0) of travel from Ukraine across the Atlantic Ocean to USA. Facebook Album with full photoreport <<< Kiev, Amsterdam, Detroit, Greenland, Great Lakes, New Jersey. All in one flight, 3 planes change and 28 hours without sleep.

Carl Zeiss 50/1.4

Carl Zeiss 50/1.4

Iconic German Legend in my hands! Carl Zeiss 50/1.4 MMJ Vintage manual lens from private collection. The native Contax lens hood was bought much later on Ebay. Samples of bokehlicious photos under this link.

Vitaliy Kashpersky

Last days in Ukraine

Visiting parents. Last days on the Motherland. Could I imagine what will happen in couple of month after? Too hard to express emotions with words. I will not even try… Last photos