Alexey Kashpersky AMI

AMI Member 2017

I’ve been asked why there is no anything new from me in recent times. There are certain circs that I will talk about some time later, but for now I am super excited about upcoming AMI 2017 Conference, where among other great works from Medical Illustration Masters you will be able to … Continue reading

Artworks of Frank Frazetta

Frazetta Sketchbook

What an amazing Christmas gift from Mike Moran! And I’m very happy that it’s not just a regular artbook with finished works but a sketchbook so I have a rear ability to learn artists technique. It’s kind of “behind the scenes” and a chance to see what usually is hidden. … Continue reading

Alyssa model

New Photosets. Denisa & Alyssa

It was a while since my last photoset, so here are two most recent ones. First with Alexa Lamb, modeling name – Alyssa. A contemporary dancer with a ballet background which put its mark on the sporty and dry body of the model. See the full set here. Second – … Continue reading

Alexey Kashpersky Ebola

WIRED magazine publication

It is that case when I’m very proud to be part of the magazine. Want to say words of gratitude to people who invited me to join the issue and the whole team of the magazine. You did a great job! WIRED Magazine

Reptile Queen artwork by Alexey Kashpersky exhibition

Exhibition in New Jersey

Hi guys, here are some photos from the continuation of the NYC exhibition. This time it’s in New Jersey. Reptile Queen (2015) Salon Art Mora Exhibition NJ Please feel free to visit at this address: December 17, 2016 – Jan 2nd, 2017 ART MORA NJ 222 Main Street, Ridgefield Park

Charmander 3D print glow

Some Christmas Charmander magic

Hi guys, today I want to share with you my first attempt to convert virtual ZBrush sculpt into something that I can hold in my hands, put somewhere on the shelf or just make a nice gift for friends 🙂 And the glowing Christmas Charmander variant, that powers from USB cable … Continue reading

Film studios of Hollywood, Los Angeles

Inside the Movie Studios 2016

It was my second visit of Hollywood Movie Studios and I had a great chance to check out some other sights, places and features while past year I missed a lot due to the lack of time. Hope you will like it! 🙂 PARAMOUNT PICTURES STUDIO 2016 (See this link for 2015 … Continue reading

Alexey Kashpersky artworks on OpenBio

OpenBIO 2016

For the third year in a row, I was invited to take part in the Open Bio Exhibition which is part of the larger Open Bio conference in Koltsovo, Novosibirsk. See the full press release here. Thank you for the invite, Maria Pelipas!

Mount Hollywood in Los Angeles' Griffith Park

Griffith Observatory

Legendary Griffith Observatory, one of “have to visit” places if you are in LA. Most beautiful views of Los Angeles and Hollywood are here together with one of the world’s best astronomy observatories in the world. Sounds like not enough motivation to visit? Ok, did you know that more than … Continue reading

ZBrush Award

ZBrush Award 2016

What can I say and where I may find the right words to describe the feeling that I got when my name was announced on the ZBrush Awards Ceremony as a winner in the “Image of the Year” nomination? I am an artist and not really sure that I will … Continue reading

V-Ray ChaosGroup

Interview for V-Ray ChaosGroup

It was a pleasure and honor for me to be interviewed by V-Ray Chaos Group for their official website.Henry Winchester, thank you so much for contacting me and helping to make this happen! You did a great job on the article understanding and handling my English :)) Original article can … Continue reading

Long Island Sailing

Sailing Day

Moments of silence and freedom… the best possible thing that can happen in my life. Sailing around the Long Island and meeting the sunset. Regards to my Poland friend who invited us to join him in this feast of water wind and colors… Great Gatsby’s House at Long Island